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Antibiotics and mirena Effectiveness
I have been taking an mirena for more than 5 weeks and, in the recent days, I got the first symptoms of pink eye which is a bacteria infection disease that you should use antibiotics and parts of treatment. As you knew that, for oral contraceptives,  the antibiotics which can make oral contraceptives - control pills, less effective but, how about Antibiotics and mirena Effectiveness ?

It took me almost a week to find informative post on the internet about Antibiotics and mirena Effectiveness. Fundamentally, do we need to use more additional alternaties?
In the original post I found, the answer, in general, is that the problem with Antibiotics and IUD Effectiveness depends on what kinds of IUDs and depends on what kind of antibiotics we use.

You can take a look at this for further detailed explainations and information, do antibiotics affect mirena. In my situation, and for the most important thing, It is said that pink eyes and other bacterial infection diseases , the role of the antibiotics is important.
They help the process of treatment of infections more effectively and fastly. In case you use antibiotics for short term, the antibiotics you get (strep, UTIs, pink eye, etc.) will make mirena effective, It still work fine as being. There are a few specific medications, but rarely, that can make mirena less effective and as the result, you will be pregnant. But generally, the above situation happens for long term treatment and with special rare kinds of antibiotics.
Finally, it is ultimately necessary to ask your doctor what kind of antibiotics you are using, including what type if mirena you are on if there are any drug interactions to consider on.
The newest UPDATE for Antibiotics and IUD Effectiveness I went to see my doctor and finally received the informative confirmation that the intend of antibiotics which reduce the effectiveness of UID are very rarely used, not in my case (only dangerous bacterial infections, types of antibiotics reducing the effectiveness of IUDs listed out here ). It should not be a problem for my UID. Btw, because a Mirena works and the hormone is not absorbed in the GI tract locally and directly, so there is not any risk of interaction. Hope this answer help you a lot!